Smithsonian Honored Artist | Mrs. Henry Huntington Award | LA Art Association Award | WPA Muralist

Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan on March 7, 1887, Norman Stiles Chamberlain began his art training in his early teens under Mathias Alten. Hopping across the Pond, he studied early Dutch painters at The Hague before moving to Los Angeles, CA in 1920. Working with Alson Clark and exhibiting locally, success came almost immediately through the patronage of Mrs. Henry E. Huntington, the force behind the collection at the Huntington Library. After traveling in Mexico and spending a year in France at the Académie Matisse, he lived briefly in Taos, NM before settling in Laguna Beach, CA where he lived for his remaining years.

Chamberlain studying in France at the Académie Matisse.

Chamberlain Art News

Laguna Beach Art Museum Exhibition

Art Colony: 100 Years

Laguna Art Museum is preparing an exhibition celebrating the centennial of the Laguna Beach Art Association. This is a tremendous milestone in both the history of the art association and the art colony in Laguna Beach.

Artist Directory Discovered

Historic Laguna Beach Art Find

A directory of artists and writers in the Laguna Beach Art community in the 1920s has surfaced in the estate of Mary Chamberlain Marriner, daughter of Norman Chamberlain and Mary Pottenger Chamberlain, shining new light on the tight knit artist colony at that time. The Directory has the signatures and address of early LBAA Members such as, Anna Hills, Nellie Hills, Thomas Hunt, George K Brandriff, William Griffith, Norman Chamberlain, Mary Pottenger Chamberlain, Ruth Peabody, John Hinchman, Paul Lauritz, William Riddell, Elanor Colburn, Karl Yens and more.

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