Younger Member of Art Colony Has Attained High Rank as An Artist

by Anna A. Hills

Norman Chamberlain story by Anna A. Hills

The American Magazine of Art

The American Federation of Arts, July, 1923

George Hurrell Connection

Genevieve Daniels, South Laguna

George Hurrell and Norman Chamberlain Laguna Beach Story

Chamberlain family portraits by George Hurrell. Norman Stiles Chamberlain, Derry Fulton Chamberlain and John Alexander Chamberlain.

Derry, age 5. Photo by George Hurrell
Norman's son John Chamberlain photographed by George Hurrell in 1925

Christian Science Monitor

Boston, MA, March, 17 1934

The Selma Irrigator

March 24, 1938

Keeler Lounge Show

Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2005

The Grand Rapids Herald

June 13, 1923

The Grand Rapids Herald


Artist Register Compiled In Laguna Beach

Chamberlain Home On Manzanita

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