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Laguna Beach Artist and Writers Directory
1918 to 1976  (bios to come)

Eleanor “Evylin” Mason Armstrong
Charles Partridge Adams
Antony Anderson
Thetis Dorothy Junker Alton
Geraldine Birch
Mary Bryan
George Kennedy Brandriff
Stanley Grotevent Breneiser
J Wilkin Bowman
Alden Bryan
Anna Corbell
Norman Stiles Chamberlain
Proctor Fyffe Cook
Elanor Colburn
Dick Calkins
Mary Pottenger Chamberlain
Alfred Dupont
Dietrick N. Dietrickson
Walter Thomas Foster
Grace Gilman
William Griffith
Katherine Patton Griffith
Brewster Ghiselin
Agnes M. Grubb
Ieda Nosker Hegna
Anna Althea Hills
Nellie Ford Hills
George K. Brandriff
Mary Mead Herrick
Edith Hynes
Loren Holmwood
Owen Holmwood
John Hinchman
James Green
Eleanor Weeks Ghiselin
Charles Philip Krauth
Thomas Hunt
Helen Augusta Iserman Francis Hodge
James Harwood
Hugh Irvine
Julian Edward Itter
Ruehl Heckman
George Lusk
Charles Raymond Linfoot
Edith Harrison Loop
Paul Lauritz
Marian K. Libby
Einar Lundquist
Henry Major
Maryann Myer
Irving Kraut Manoir
Irene MacLean
Algot Nordstrom
Harley “H D” Nichols
Ossip Perelma
Ruth Eaton Colburn Peabody
Stuart Palmer
William Riddell
Harold E. Reed
Marius Schmidt (Changed to Smith anti German)
Frederick Carl Smith
Warren Gabriel Schloat
Lydia Cooke Smithmeyer
Jack Smith
David Tauszky
Peggy Ann Thompson
Torajiro Watanabe
S. S. Van Dine
Nelson Wilson
Howe Williams
Nell Gertrude Walker Warner
Eva Blanche Whelan
Lillian Whiting
E. Stewart Williams
John Weld
Karl Yens

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